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It has just been 4 sessions since I started training with Coach Wolf and I had to comment on them. Thomas has been brilliant since my day1. He sat down and heard me out as to which sport I play and what I want out of this training and my goals. The very next session he had a plan sketched out for me. I feel so positive and strong just not physically but mentally as well. He knows alot about how to train for a particular sport. So it's a definite yes from my end. AFS Athletik Center is the right place for me as a Sportsperson and Athelete.


It has been 2 years since I have been training with Thomas. So, I just wanted to write about my experience with him who have done a brilliant job on my personal fitness. I play professional Cricket for the German women's team and injuries are a close friend. When I started off training with Coach Wolf, I was suffering from a tennis elbow and it was really bad that at one point I could not even lift an empty bottle off the ground. This is where Thomas worked on strengthing my muscles around the elbow and I was pain free in just 30 days.


I had also injured my thumb capsule while taking a catch. I could not do a lot of excercies due to my injured thumb but still I was motivated to keep working out. So, Thomas immediately put together a separate plan for me until I recovered from my thumb injury. He also provided me with a theraband device for fingers so I could work with it at home.


He understands your needs very well. In cricket, I play in a position called wicketkeeping. You have to go down and up, like squats for almost 90 minutes in a game. It does take a toll on your knee and back. Initially after a tournament, for keeping 5 games in a row my knees would hurt the following week but after we started with training, we were concentrating a lot on my knees and lower body. I feel so fit, don't feel fatigue, no muscle pain or knee pain. I can head back into his studio the very next day I am back from a tournament.


My improved physical fitness has in turn increased my mental strength. I see a huge differnece in my running speed, stamina and I am able to give my 100 percent in every game I play. Thanks for all the efforts from my trainer Thomas, he has been excellent at his job. So, I would definitely recommend you to join training with Coach Wolf, if you want to lead a healthy, pain free and fit life!

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